An Overview Of Warehouse Equipment Maintenance

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Warehouse packaging automation

When we talk of warehouse equipment maintenance, we are merely talking about the following:

This short article will look at warehouse equipment maintenance.


It is always good to train your employees occasionally. This will go a long way in enhancing the safety of your property; it would be bring the greatest return on your investment. Any firm that lacks or neglects to train their employees would suffer from the following:

All these would happen if corporate managers and supervisors are finding it extremely hard to define and train employees. It has been observed severally that most supervisors and managers shy away from inspiring their subordinates or showing them the way to do their jobs very well.

Staff that is in charge of warehouse should be trained properly so that they can take accurate care of it. The work of a duty manager in this case would be to communicate clear procedures and policies to them. Don’t just stop at that, you should also learn how to enforce them to comply with these rules.


PET strapping rollsAfter training the next thing that comes to mind is whether the employees are making use of the right tools. You will definitely perform your jobs at optimal level if you are using the right tools.

Train them and equip them with the right tools so that they will not be moving from one corner of the warehouse to another aimlessly. Some of the things employees use at the warehouse include, but not limited to the following:

Make sure you give them the quality tools they need to perform this job. For example pet strapping tools are required for many warehouses that strap their products for delivery.

Warehouse equipment

Some of the noticeable warehouse tools includes hand trucks, pallet jacks, banding dispenses, rolling ladders, pry bars, tape dispensers, clip boards, pens, markers, blades, razor knives and many more.

Others regarded by many as low-cost warehouse equipment include portable flex conveyor, pallet dollies, drum handling equipment, lift tables and so on.

Cleaning supplies

These include trash containers, mops, dust pans, brooms and many more.

Safety items

An employee in charge of a warehouse should know how to use the following items; wheel chocks, safety glasses, gloves, respirators, aprons, dust masks, and so on.

Other tips

Find a particular place where these tools are stored and ensure you keep them there. A simple browse about warehouse equipment and how to store them will give you a good idea of how to use them.

Maintenance of warehouse equipment

The importance of warehouse equipment can never be overemphasized; it is both a safety and productivity issue. Employee should be trained on preventative maintenance plans. Make sure you repair and replace any damaged sections of the warehouse.

You can never go wrong by maintaining your warehouse or keeping it in order. Employees should be properly informed or trained on compactors, how to lift trucks, dock equipment, automated material handling, stretch wrapping machines, bailers and so on.

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The Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning


3D laser scanning is a technology which can help capture a particular image in its 3 dimensional form in a computer’s memory. The scanners make use of laser light to define highly accurate points around an object and can help capture its exact size and dimensions.

How is An Object Laser Scanned?

The following is the way an object is laser scanned

  • The object which needs to be scanned is observed from a distance of a few to several hundred meters.
  • Accurate software then sends a laser probe above the surface of the object.
  • The laser lines keeps changing its distance and shape, this movement of the laser line is then captured by two cameras.
  • These cameras record the data in three dimensions.
  • The resulting data is in the form of thousands of points which are then merged using sophisticated software to develop into a single three dimensional shape.
  • For objects which are too large to be scanned in a single scan, multiple scans are taken to get an accurate digital image.

Though digital laser scanning is an expensive option than usual mapping techniques, the benefits which it has often outweighs the cost.

When scanning is done accurately it can help get more detailed data which comes in handy in case of getting accurate data on unsafe areas of land, which are not easily accessible.

The Benefits of 3 D Laser Scanning

  • Since laser scanning provides highly accurate details for viewing these in turn can help make designing and planning easier than ever.
  • It’s a much safer option than capturing data manually which can at times pose risk to individuals send out to do the necessary field work.
  • In order to develop nuclear plants laser scanning provides a faster and safer acquisition of data without unnecessarily exposing the crew to areas of high radiation.
  • Though the expense may seem greater at the start of a project it can help reduce costs up to 10% for a project. Since it requires less man power and great deal of less time it can help clients save up in the long run.

Despite the many benefits offered by laser scanning most companies are weary to let go of the traditional methods of land surveying. In some cases the traditional methods do tend to be more cost effective.

3 D laser Scanning for Land Surveys

A land survey can provide detailed information before an engineering project. For a land survey visit this website and the team at Lester Franks will be able to help you.  These days more and more builders are turning towards 3 D laser scanning to get an accurate data regarding a certain area. These high definition laser surveys are particularly useful for

  • Providing detailed measurement
  • Digital scanning makes it easy to survey hard to reach areas
  • To get an accurate survey of the construction process
  • It even helps reduce the number of onsite visits an architect or a builder has to make

3D laser scanning provides details visual information to ensure you have the right tool for the job. For the best 3D laser scanning, contact Lester Franks and take advantage of their 3D laser scanning expertise. Since surveys make it easier for contractors to know the exact topography of a land it can help create structures which are in accordance with the land upon which they are built. Therefore using 3 D laser scanning provides accurate information whether the area is safe to built upon or not and reduce any chance of mishaps.


Tips On Starting A Small Artificial Grass Business

Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass emerged on the market in the late 1960’s and since then they have been a popular feature in sporting facilities and also as a material for mats and rugs. In recent times, however, the use of artificial grass has spread to more avenues such as in business establishments and even in residences since they offer a low-cost way of beautifying the grounds – both indoors and outdoors. More importantly, they have very low maintenance. This is probably why you might have noticed the demand for artificial grass has shot up significantly in Melbourne over the last decade. If you are planning on starting a business with this, here are some tips that might help you along the way.

Tips on the initial steps needed to start a business in Artificial Grass:

  • Pricing – The problem with finding the right pricing that you will charge customers for this installations needs to be researched While the demand for Artificial Grass Installation in Melbourne is high, there aren’t enough businesses to handle this professionally. This is the main reason the pricing is quite high in the industry, and you might need to set competitive price points for your business to have a good kick-start in the industry. Ideally, your research should give you a good mid-range to start with.
  • Gaining customers – While your first target would always be sporting venues, it might be a good idea to look into acquiring clients who are not traditionally installers of Artificial Grass. This might be a great way to get the word out about your business and will also be a useful marketing technique for your company. In the initial days, you should try and underbid your competition as much as possible to acquire the high-profile clients – this way even if you run that particular project at a loss it might work as a huge marketing campaign for future projects.
  • Research your competition – This is a step that you need to execute much before you finalize the details of your own business. You should spend some time researching your competition in Gold Coast to find out how they have positioned themselves in the market and what techniques they use to acquire new clients. This will lay the foundations of your business model. For example, this is the best supplier of artificial grass in Gold Coast and you will be up against them in business, so you will need to ensure your product and service delivers.
  • Consider franchising – Finally, starting a small business venture in something as unexplored as the Artificial Grass business might be a risky project. Instead, you should consider the pros and cons of buying a franchise from an already established business to help establish you in the market initially. You may want to consider providing your service in a particular niche, such as boat and marine carpet like this company. Carpet for the boat or marine purposes is very popular and there are many business opportunities in this area.


Starting a business in Artificial Grass in the Gold Coast is a great idea since the demand for it is constantly on the rise. With the necessary market research and a strong business model, you should have no problem in establishing a small business plan for this idea.