Shutters are a great way of adding some character to your homes. They can actually alter the way your home looks from the outside as well as inside. What’s so great about these window shutters is that they add security to your homes while also adding to its décor and beauty. Your home doesn’t actually need to resemble a small prison. The following are a few kinds of window shutters which are popular with home owners these days.

Quality window roller shutters


Window roller shutters

The following are some of the characteristics of wooden window shutters

  • Window roller shutters similar to these are completely customizable. This means that you could have your roller shutters designed according to your preferences. You can actually change the color or add a varnish of your choice so that the shutters match the rest of the furniture in your homes.
  • Window roller shutters can actually help lower the utility bills. When it’s too cold you could easily close down the shutters so that cool air remains outside and your room stays insulated.
  • In warm weather open window shutter let in natural air which can actually help cool down your room. In case you do need to use the air conditioner the window shutters can help keep the cold air inside.
  • Window roller shutters can help guard your privacy. Most people value their privacy above all other things. If you live in a place where you might have nosy neighbors, window shutters can provide you with much needed privacy.
  • These can help manage the amount of light which enters your room. Most people love taking their afternoon siesta. Wooden shutters can help you control the amount of light entering your room.
  • The best thing about roller shutters is that they are easily customized for all kinds of window shapes. This means whether your windows are curved or straight you can have window shutters designed accordingly.

Composite shutter

Composite shutters

  • Composite shutters are more affordable then customized wooden shutters. So if budget is a problem then you should definitely invest in composite shutters.
  • Wood shutters are not a great option for people who live in areas prone to high humidity and moisture. Composite window shutters are water proof.
  • Composite shutters are long lasting and since they are weather proof they are ideal for homeowners who live in areas which have extreme weather conditions.

Cafe shutters

These shutters are also known as half heighted shutters. However these have real classic and unique style which almost transports you to the quaint cafes in Paris which are warm and welcoming.

  • Café shutters offer an option for enjoying the sunlight yet at the same time protecting the privacy of your homes.
  • These shutters are well liked by most because these are pretty easy to clean because you can reach the top most part easily.
  • The important thing about these shutters is that they are normally cordless so these make a great option for people who have toddlers or pets in their homes.

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